Sutton, it’s delicious, and it’s well known!

Terrasse, brûlerie, microbrewery, restaurant, café, deli, local, winery, so many choices on the menu !
Cyclists enjoy discovering great tastes while lingering at one of our “bonnes tables”  evaluating their race.

Auberge Sutton Brouërie, 27 Principale Sud, Sutton, 450 538-0005

Boulangerie La Valse des pains, 12 Dépôt, Sutton, 450 538-2323

Brasserie À l’Abordage, 20 rue Principale Sud, Sutton, 450 538-8338

Huttopia Sutton, 297 Maple, Sutton, 1-844-488-8674

Le Cafetier, 9 Principale N, Sutton, 450 538-7333

Pub Mocador, 17 Principale N, Sutton, 450 538-2426

Restaurant à La Fontaine, 30 Principale S, Sutton, 450 538-3045

More partners for the 2017 edition might be added to the list.