Regulations and Rider Notices

Article 1 SANCTION

La Coupe des Amériques is an amateur stage race for racers aged 30 and over. Registration automatically includes all stages, you cannot register for only one stage.  The event is organized by Coupe des Amériques Inc. under the authority of Fédération Québécoise des Sports Cyclistes (F.Q.S.C.).


In addition to the following regulations of the race, the technical rules are those of the F.Q.S.C. In the event of interpretation differences between the French and the English versions, the French version will have precedence.


Coupe des Amériques Inc. is governed by:

  • A board of directors
  • A general manager
  • A race director
  • Service directors

The sporting and technical regulating of the event is the responsibility of the College of Commissaries composed of:

  • The president of the College of Commissaries and the jury;
  • Two (2) members of the jury of Commissaries;
  • Five (5) assistant commissaries.

The panel has full authority with regards to disciplinary measures and the sportsmanship in the running of the race.


The chief commissaries (President of the jury) and the members of the jury have the power to interpret and apply the rules of the U.C.I., the C.C., the C.C.A., and the F.Q.S.C. and to make a decision on any point not mentioned in the following rules.

The panel of commissaries’ decision is final and without appeal.


Coupe des Amériques is an individual’s stage race and is open to all veterans of the Pan-American Confederation road championship affiliated with the U.C.I.

** Riders must be in possession of a Master category license only. A rider with a senior license and riding in this category cannot participate in this event, even though he or she is of master age.

Masters are those who are 30 years old or born in 1984 or prior. Riders will be classified according to their ages:

  • Masters A: Riders from age 30 to 39
  • Masters B: Riders from age 40to 49
  • Masters C: Riders from age 50 to 59
  • Masters D: Riders from age 60 and up
  • Masters Women E: from age 30 to 39
  • Masters Women F: age 40 and up

At any time, a Master rider may choose to race in a category with an age inferior to his own category (i.e. a Master C may ride with the Masters A or Masters B). A rider deciding to do so for the Coupe des Amériques will have to race all stages in the same category.

All riders should be in possession of a valid license issued by the U.C.I. affiliated National Federation.

The commissaries will hold the licenses for the duration of the event.

All unsigned licenses will be refused upon registration and licenses without a picture must be accompanied of an ID with a photo.


All riders shall use the 2 numbers provided by the organization. The riders may not cut, reduce, fold or mutilate the numbers in any manner.

1st offense: $30
2nd offense: $50
3nd offense: disqualification.

The 2 numbers will have to be placed according to the finishing judge’s specifications:

  • On each side, in the back, above the pocket for all the stages.

A rider may be refused at the start if his number is not visible or is not on the correct side. Any rider coming to the finish line with a misplaced, unpinned, torn, or covered number will be placed at the end of the group with which he arrived.

The plate will be furnished and it will have to be fixed on the bicycle.


At all times, when riding a bike, during preparation or during the race, a rigid bicycling helmet must be worn and attached.

The helmet must be one of the following standards:

  • US DOT standard helmet for bicycling,
  • ANSI standard Z90.4,
  • SNELL Memorial Foundation Standard series “B” ou “N”,
  • ASTM standard F-1447,
  • CSA standard CAN/CSI-D113.2-M,
  • US CPSC standard helmet for bicycling,
  • Or their equivalent.

The racer must bear on him/her the proof that the helmet meets one of these standards if asked by a commissary.

Each rider is also obliged to wear his team jersey except those in possession of a given title. A world, continental, national, provincial, state, or regional champion may wear the jersey of his official title.

The world road race champion and the national road race champion must wear their winner jersey in all road races, except in one-day time trials. (1.3.063-1.3.069)

If a racer holds many leader jerseys, the leader’s jersey by stage has priority (1.3.071).

International rules allow advertising on sporting clothes such as jerseys, helmets, and shorts, but they must be in accordance with international rules.

Article 6 PLACINGS

Each registration sub-category will be given a specific placing based on the General Individual Placing by Time.


This is determined by adding the times registered at each stage taking into account bonuses and penalties.

If two riders have equal time after the final compilation of all results, fractions of seconds of the individual time trials will be taken into account to determine which rider will finish first. If there is still equality, a tally will be made using the placing at each stage; lastly, if still equal, the placing during the last stage will be used as a tiebreaker to determine the winner of the overall classifications..


A complaint concerning ranking must be filed no later than 1 hour before the start of the next stage. For the final classification, no later than 30 minutes after the posting of the final results.

No rewards will be given before the time allowed for complaints has expired. The prize presentation will be delayed until the complaint has been resolved.

Article 8 FINES

Fines imposed to the riders must be paid to the President of the Jury at least one hour before the start of the next stage and/or before purses are given.


Riders must sign the control sheet before each stage, except for the time trial. When signing, they must be dressed in racing gear (over-garments permitted). Time checkpoints are the following:

  • Open 1 hour before start time
  • Closed 15 minutes before start time

For the time trial, riders shall present themselves at the checkpoint at least ten (10) minutes before their start time.

** Any rider who is at the start line without having signed the signature sheet in the above time checkpoints, will be awarded the last place in the race.

Article 10 ITINERARY

Riders must know the itinerary of the race and always follow the official route. A rider is solely responsible for his routing errors; unless ordered so by a representative of the public authorities, a rider may not deviate from the prescribed route; no complaints on this matter will be considered regardless of the reasons given.

Taking any shortcut and any attempt to be classified without having done the whole race on bike shall be severely penalized. (Disqualification and $100 fine).

Should an incident or accident occur which might interfere with the proper running of the race, the jury of commissaries, with the agreement of the organization, can consider a stage as “not run” and cancel its results.


Important:  All racers must ride on the right hand side of the road only, without passing the yellow line. A warning will be issued at the start of each race and any rider committing this infraction will be passable of disqualification, as it did happen in the past.


You must identify each of your spare wheels with your bib number, speed # and manufacturer (see picture at the bottom of the page).
The commissaries inform us that there is no universal breakdown service for wheels.

Regardless of a rider’s position in a stage, his servicing is authorized only when stopped and at the rear of his pack, on the extreme right side of the road.

For each category, at least two neutral service vehicles will be available for the road race. Riders shall be responsible for supplying the necessary mechanics and wheels for neutral service; wheels shall be recovered immediately after the race.

All non-authorized vehicles will be forced to quit the race immediately at the request of a commissaries. Fine from $50 to $300 to any licensed person.

Article 13 FEEDING

Only liquid feeding will be authorized during the races in the manner and places described by the commissaries. No feeding during the first stage or time trial. Feeding must always be done from the right side of the road.

Article 14 DROPOUTS

A rider unable to complete a stage or finishing after the deadline will be eliminated from La Coupe des Amériques. Unless seriously injured or gravely sick, no rider can board another vehicle than the sag wagon. Dropouts must not pass the finish line; riders who have dropped out must remove their numbers and hand them over to a commissary as soon as possible.

Riders who abandon the race and do not report it to a commissary will receive a $50 penalty.

Article 15 TIME LIMIT

A time limit will be calculated on the winner’s time plus 35%. This percentage could exceptionally be increased if this limit would eliminate more than 10% of the riders. There is no time limit in the time trial. The commissaries may also give an extra chance to one or more riders eliminated by unusual circumstances or obvious bad luck. This regulation can be modified at the discretion of the panel of commissaries.

Article 16 FINISHES

A rider may cross the finish line on foot provided that he carries or pushes his bicycle.

In the event of a fall or accident (including punctures) within the last three kilometres of a stage, the riders involved will be given the time of the last rider in which company they were at the moment of the incident, provided that the incident is duly noted by a commissary. The crossing of the finish line is still necessary. His placing will be that of the crossing of the line.

This does not apply for the time trial and any hill climb finishes.

All riders crossing the finish line a second time in the direction of the race will be accounted for the second passage at the general classification.

Article 17 BICYCLES

Bicycles should be according to U.C.I. rules 1.3.006 to 1.3.025 inclusive (Reference here).

Riders will be authorized to use three-spoke wheels (or similar). U.C.I. regulations don’t forbid this equipment.

For the Time trial stage TT bicycles are allowed only if they are legal and must have no disc brakes. Inspection prior to departure by commissioners.

Article 18 AWARDS

Hill race: the awards will be presented Friday at the finish, right after the race.

Time trial race: the awards will be presented Saturday at 4pm at Goyette-Hill municipal park on Western, the site of Québec National Day festivities.

Road race and Championship: the awards will be presented during the banquet at Mont Sutton main lodge.

In order to respect the cyclists and the members of the organization, the winners should present themselves at the podium for the awards ceremony. In the case of an absence not authorized by the head commissary the racer will forfeit his purse for that stage.

Article 19 Strictly forbidden to ride on the course

It is strictly forbidden to ride on the course of current event .
Riders who will make their warm-up on the course of a race that is ongoing will be given a 30-second penalty in the standings.


Security at all time. After or between races, the riders must adhere to Québec Highway Safety Code and ride in single file in groups of maxium 15 cyclists in line, which guideslines are imposed by the Sûreté du Québec who will be on the site during the event.  Sanctions will be applied if necessary.

Article 20 Model authorization

By entering the Coupe des Amériques the rider allows the organization to use all images for the promotion of the event, on the website, on the Facebook page of Coupe des Amériques or other articles.