Coupe des Amériques 2016 Results & Images

Winners of the 2016 edition


Congratulations to our combined Champions!

Top Row: LEMIRE, Yannick, master A, Laferté Bicycles
GAZSI, David, master B, CAN (True North Medical Road Corps)
GOULET, Alain, master D, independant
Bottom Row: BESSETTE, Lyne, master E, independant
LOUTFI, Zeina, master F, Martin Swiss Team
AMOS, Ron, master C, Hammer/53X11

Start List

Time trial start list

 Date  Stage Categories
July 2 1 A B C D E F
2 A B C D E F
Important: Disqualification Master A
 Combined 1 & 2 A B C D E F
July 3 3 A* B* C* D E F
 Combined – 3 stages
*Modified Results
A* B* C* D E F

Coupe des Amériques 2016 Images