Lost Dog Reunited With Owner After Being Rescued From California Wildfire

After a wildfire engulfed his area at Whitewater, California, Greg Skeens first thought was not because of his home or possessions. Instead, the California man concerned about his dog, Buck, following the Blue Heeler softly disappeared from the flames. “It was just one huge, orange fire around the home… and I believed we had been going to,” Skeens told ABC News.

However, the wildfire was not Skeens’ sole reason to stress. Since the fire sent nearby wildlife running for cover, his inquisitive puppy had rushed off to pursue these critters. Firefighters had detected the dog close to the ridgeline at which crew the crew combating the flames and chose to assist him. Among the firefighters had ceased to scoop fearful puppy into his arms and carried him down the mountain to safety.

But although Buck was safe in the maintenance of animal management, it might be a few days before officers understood where the missing dog lived.
No matter becoming lost in a wildfire and spending days at the shelter appears to have cured Buck’s inclination to ramble — at least for today. “He did not need me to go anyplace,” explained Skeens, whose prodigal puppy now rarely allows his owner from his sight.

No matter the California guy is merely grateful to everyone who helped attract Buck back home. “You are not ongoing to chasing any more coyotes, that is for certain,” Skeens advised his dog, that does, in actuality, appear determined to be a quite good boy from now on.

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