Works Day And Night To Save Animals Following Major Explosion In Beirut- Lebanon

Additionally, millions of creatures and stray animals were homeless and injured.

“Our hearts will always be together with all the people, individuals who obtained affected, individuals who lost individuals, those who had been injured, and those that lost their houses.
“However, besides, there are animals that need assistance. Many pets have been missing or injured during the explosion, and they need assistance. Individuals call us every day to help rescue their pets that have lost or stuck through the explosion,” posted the rescue.

“No words could explain the terror of this tragedy that has struck Beirut last night, turning into a disaster-stricken town,” stated Lebanese President Michel Aoun.
More than 200 individuals from throughout the nation have come forward to assist the rescue because they continue to hunt the town for animals in need. The rescue stated, “Our group has been leaving out water and food in many stations around the affected region for those creatures that have to be discovered.” Footage of these rescues shows the monster lovers placing themselves in danger to rescue the animals.

With more than 300,000 people left homeless by the blast that totaled over half of their town, calls for aid are coming from hourly. “We have innumerable reports of helpless men and women who dropped everything they have, including their pets,” wrote the rescue. They made a record on their FB page only for missing and found pets. The idea was for folks to post pictures of the missing pet and the rescue group to post pictures of ones that they see, ideally reuniting the lost pets with their worried owners.
In only one week, 90 pets are reunited with their owners, but their job is far from over. They’ll continue to search and rescue animals in town but are in dire need of boosts.

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